12. April 2023

Vice President Statement

Since March 2023, Railsponsible is honored to have Rainer Pfuhl, CPO of Siemens Mobility, as it’s vice president. Read his statement here.

I truly believe, that the challenges to preserve the environment on our planet is a gigantic task. For that it will not be sufficient if one industry or only some contributors work on improving the status. I truly believe this is a task for the entire supply chain starting from the railway service providers to the n-tier supplier. It will require a true collaboration along the entire supply chain. The railway industry as such stands for sustainable transportation solution more then any other industry – to me this is the motivation and obligation to set standards with the Railsponsible association also for other industries.

Rainer Straub
Vice President of Railsponsible and CPO of Siemens Mobility



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